FPC Policies and Procedures

A complete listing of approved policies and procedures by committee.

Common Questions

“What are Policies and Procedures?”

Throughout the year, committees made up of volunteers meet to discern and enact what is needed in the life of our church. Each committee has a set of policies (designated responsibilities) and procedures (ways in which work should get done).

“Why do we have Policies and Procedures?”

It is too easy for committees to lose their focus and collective memory about “how we've always done things.” Written policies and procedures, kept on the web site for all to see, provide consistency and transparency for all the church's work.

“How do we get the Policies and Procedures?”

Each committee writes their own documents which are finalized by the Session (head committee). The documents are reviewed annually and revised if necessary. The official documents are housed on the web so they may be accessed by anyone with interest in the committees' works.

Christian Education Committee

Congregational Care Committee

PRO01Congregational Outreach.pdf

Facility Management and Use Committee

Fellowship Committee

POL01Fellowship Policy.pdf

Finance Committee

POL01Finance Policy.pdf

Historic Preservation Committee

Hospitality Committee

POL01Hospitality Policy.pdf
PRO01New Visitors.pdf

Information Technology and Communications Committee

Investment Advisory Committee

Professional Staff Committee

Property Aquisition Committee

Property Committee

Service and Missions Committee

Stewardship Committee

POL01Stewardship Policy.pdf

Wedding Guild Committee

Worship Committee

POL01Worship Policy.pdf

FPC By Laws.pdf