Gifts of Stock at FPC

We look forward to your stock gift donation to be used for our church’s work.

Gifts of Stock

Churches frequently receive contributions of investment securities/equities. The advantage of donating stocks or bonds to a church can allow the donor to avoid paying any capital tax gain taxes on the increased value of the stock and receive a charitable contribution tax deduction at the same time. Your gift is deductible for the market value of the stock at the time it was given. The gift must also be properly receipted by the church so that the donor has the required tax return support.

Giving appreciated stock to the church makes good financial sense to you so please ask your financial advisor if this is a viable option for you to donate to the church. If you plan to do so, please email our Finance office, call at 931-645-6551 or complete and mail this letter when you transfer the stock to the church. It is critical that you inform the church of your intention to do so for the church to issue proper tax receipt for your donation. First Presbyterian Church’s policy is to immediately sell all the stock gifts and deposit the proceeds from the sale into the church bank account, unless it is stipulated otherwise by the donor.

We look forward to your donation as stock gift to be used for our church’s work and you can receive a charitable tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock and avoid capital gains on the appreciated value. Thank you so much.

How to Give Stock

Notify your broker on the specific number of shares of stock that you wish to donate to contact our church’s broker at Old National Investments by using this form – Giftstock Broker Form - to initiate a stock gift and send to your broker.

You can either email or mail this form – Giftstock For FPC Form - to FPC’s finance office of your stock gift.